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"My home is carpeted with the tongues of men who expected me to (be) grateful for their harassment" - Roxanne Gay

#MeToo Broadway was founded in 2022 as a watchdog organization dedicated to rooting out systemic abuse in Broadway Theater and on Equity and non-union stages, with an eye toward extending an open, compassionate hand toward the many victims who have bravely risked their careers, sanity, and personal safety to come forward and tell their truths. We believe it important to share stories of insidious corruption and abuse in the arts – to shine a light on twisted individuals in seats of power who would seek to tarnish and erode New York City’s rich cultural legacy.

We understand systemic sexual harassment, coercion, assault, and even unreported rape still manage to plague the theater communities of Manhattan, and the surrounding Tri-State area. Perverse, malicious, or simply callous corporate structures still endure – on Broadway, but also in related spheres – dance, cabaret, opera and the comedy community. This is no longer acceptable, and we insist our treasured young storytellers hold more value, deserve more respect – than the systems of redress or the paltry safety measures available to them.

To that end, we have established a forum for freelance journalists, essayists, and concerned members of the arts communities to share their stories in a safe space. We actively invite writers, artists, and designers to come forward with their stories, either publicly by writing essays or investigative pieces, or privately on our secure bulletin boards.

We will never allow gas-lighting, minimizing, bullying, or the corporate commodification of artists’ bodies on this site. Moreover, we aim to elevate the weakest among us. To give voice to those long suffering artists who have been made to feel harassment, abuse, or degradation must somehow be baked in to the business model of performance, theater, fine arts, or music.

Those who would seek to abuse entry level artists and designers should be rooted out of our profession, and in some cases prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Our convictions hold that only those corporate entities able to demonstrate sincere respect and care for the emotional and physical safety of artists should be allowed to profit off the glimpses of genius their employees are able to contribute to the narratives that yield those corporations staggering, astronomical profits.

We will no longer sit by and watch the brightest lights among us tamped down by a callous few corrupt elites. We encourage the public at large to examine the moral turpitude of the unchecked monsters we allow to tell stories to our children. We pledge to provide sanctuary, compassion, and support to those brave souls who come forward alone, into a stark spotlight, for the sake of telling terrible, compelling stories.

We rally around these inspiring, courageous few, who stand in the cleansing light of their own truth. We applaud them their struggle, we thank them for their sacrifice. We lift them up even as we insist on better for ourselves. For the sake of the world. For the sake of a better environment for future generations.


Coming soon! Password protected message boards, and places to store your journals. Yes, you can write about abuse. Yes, you can do it openly and you don't have to name names.

Yes, we can provide resources and an even more password protected board for those of us who come forward with corroborated, investigative pieces.

A quick disclaimer - #MeToo Broadway is in no way shape or form responsible for legal actions that arise from bad actors on this site. We respect your privacy, and will never share password protected information, but be wise. That doesn't mean other people won't! --

 We are building tiers of access to our message board that are quite a bit like "karma points." We will appoint moderators at our discretion and we will do our best to protect you, but we assume no legal liability for the things published on this site, privately. Know that every piece of information we publish on this, the front page has been fact checked, corroborated, and gone over by teams of lawyers with a fine tooth comb. We have the truth, but until a reputable publication pushes forward with the very tenuous process of reporting this kind of story, nobody can make any promises, about who will sue who, about what


While we respect privacy and the long process of coming forward, think VERY CAREFULLY before you name an abuser on our message boards. It is a bell that can not be unrung. That said, change the names or be vague if you need to. If you need to talk, or you're not okay, please email the Founders and we will deal with it privately as soon as we have the time. 

Oh, we have action items for you... If you'd like to be part of a demonstration, a letter writing campaign, our social media team, or (when we get not for profit status, an employee,) stay tuned! We will have things to do in New York that are simple, easy, and promote healing and community, instead of secrecy and blame. We know you're out there, and we're curious and excited to meet you! Please send an email to the founders, and we will start a dialogue about how you can join our burgeouning community.

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